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The Vernon F. Shogren Endowment has been established with the NC State Foundation, Inc. to promote unique study, and scholarship into proposed endeavors by the students and faculty, both former and active, and those with interest in the NC State College of Design.

Religious Architecture includes Places of Worship that we have designed.

Medical and Institutional facilities that we have designed.

Our MBE Initiative provides information about Minority Business Enterprise participation in construction projects and includes a list of minority owned contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and consultants.

Roof Repairs and Replacement provides information about our architectural services for repairing and replacing existing roofing systems.

Our PM System provides a method for organizing, reporting and monitoring facility preventive maintenance programs. Please contact us for additional information.

Wesley Coble is available to serve as a consulting expert or testifying expert in lawsuits and arbitration.

Wesley Coble is available to provide architectural photography services.

Passive Acoustics describes the beauty of passive acoustics and building types where we have incorporated the concept.

Our Custom Sundial Designs provides information about our custom designed sundials.

Ron Mace and Wesley Coble were classmates in the School of Design at N. C. State University and remained friends after graduation. One day Wesley called Ron and asked if it would be better to use the word "handicapped" or the word "disabled" in a paper that he was writing. Ron laughed and said: "Either one is fine. You know Wesley, we refer to you people as the temporarily-abled". That was so true. So many times since then, Ron's words have come to mind. All of us will be "disabled" at times in our lives. When that happends, ACCESSIBLE DESIGN will be important to us.

Our firm has provided architectural services for a number of North Carolina NON-PROFIT SPONSORS, including Agape Community Health in Washington, Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, Blue Ridge Mental Health in Asheville, Day by Day Treatment Center in Selma, Dorcas Ministries in Cary, Metropolitan Housing and Commuinity Development in Washington, NCAET Housing in Chapel Hill, St. John Community Development in Wilson, St. Joseph of the Pines in Southern Pines, and Triangle Housing Development in Smithfield.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) offers information about architecture.

Wesley Coble was a member of the State AA Champion Smithfield High School Football Team.

The Triangle East Chamber of Commerce provides information about the Johnston County area.  

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